• Improve the prosperity and quality of life for all of our stakeholders


  • Honest, ethical business dealings in all aspects of our business
  • Respect for our people, our community and our environment
    • Our people are our most important asset. We pledge to treat our team members as family, with mutual respect and dedication to their well-being, on and off the job.
    • Safety is a primary driver. Our management practices and operational practices will always prioritize a safe workplace for our team members and contractors.
    • Environmental responsibility is also a primary driver. We will not cut corners or tolerate practices which put our environment at risk.
    • We will be a good neighbor to the communities in which we work and a good partner to our landowners, investors, suppliers and contractors.
    • We will responsibly and effectively utilize the talents and resources entrusted to us.
  • Supportive senior leaders providing vision and resources to empower our people to achieve great results.
  • Creative, energetic team members. We work hard and we’re aggressive when it comes to incorporating all that we know with all that we learn.