Optimize Asset Value

Mission Creek Resource's approach to asset optimization is to employ expert talent and cutting edge technology to maximize value from a world-class legacy assets with fresh approaches. Using modern mapping and reservoir modeling tools, we have been able to arrest decline curves, identify new reserves and develop plans for reinitializing secondary recovery programs.  

Optimize Operations

Mission Creek Resources aggressively manages costs and production through continuous surveillance and state-of-the-art SCADA systems, variable frequency drives, pump controllers and a proactive maintenance schedule to ensure early detection and correction of production issues. A highly experienced work force and strong management commitment to excellence and employee support combine to hold industry-leading lifting costs and cost management at a fraction of prevailing inflationary pressures.

Optimize The Safety And Health Of Our Employees, Our Community, And Our World

Mission Creek Resources is highly committed to the well-being of our employees through active training and safe practices policies which are reflected in an industry-leading safety record. Our passionate commitment to environmental issues is reflected in emission levels that are a fraction of industry standards and a flawless track record of environmental and regulatory compliance since the inception of the company.  We are constantly assessing our operations and equipment, seeking ways to continue to drive down emissions and minimize our power consumption and carbon footprint.

Embrace Emerging Technologies

Mission Creek Resources is investing in research and development of emerging technologies including lithium extraction from oilfield brines, CO2 capture from industrial flue stacks, and CO2 sequestration studies.

Commitment To Corporate Responsibility

As the largest oil producer in Arkansas, Mission Creek Resources is committed to excellence in corporate citizenship. Including:

  • Leadership in industry practices, standards and regulations
  • Leadership, resources and training for local fire, safety and emergency response agencies
  • Employee-led leadership in local charities and community support